Ouchijuku, the place you can feel the old Japan - 福島県の宿場町・大内宿

Ouchijuku (大内宿) comes 1st or 2nd in the popular place to visit among the sightseeing spots in Fukushima prefecture. In the Southern Aizu in Fukushima prefecture, the thatched houses are lined up in a row along the old Aizu West road through this village. The area is called Ouchijuku. More than 400 years ago, Ouchijuku once flourished during the Edo-era as a post town where many feudal lords and their procession attendants, who were heading to Edo as well as travellers passing through, used to stay overnight or rest themselves. The Aizu West road (it connects Nikko and Aizu) used to play an important role as a transport road. There is the record that Masamune Date and Hideyoshi Toyotomi passed through this Ouchijuku, when Masamune Date went for the Odawara battle and Hideyoshi Toyotomi went to Ohu to beat the feudal lords. It is a Shukuba-machi(a post town) since the Edo-era nestled among a lonely mountainous place remote from any town or city in the Southern part of Fukushima prefecture. Throughout the year, more than 1 million people visit Ouchijuku and in recent years TV broadcasting has taken place and the media showed much interest. Every February, they have a fantasy snow festival with the snow lanterns. It is the popular place to visit for many people throughout a year. There is no doubt you feel as if you are in a time machine when you are there!

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